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Why Email Marketing?

The permissive email market is yielding increasing returns to companies but businesses are needlessly spending too much time and exhausting valuable resources capturing email addresses, maintaining opt-in lists, designing appealing newsletters, ensuring privacy and doing data backups.

Pier 1 Solutions has developed unique email marketing technology that takes away the hassle and while also providing our expertise and training in email marketing.


Centralized Data Storage - no infrastructure investment
Multiple Data Capture Options - Web Sites, EmailKiosks, Off-line synchronization
Self-Administrated Email Marketing Tools
Auto "Opt-in" Management
Multiple Newsletters Management
Web Based Administration Tools - with multiple levels of access

Email Collection Options


On the main website, there will be an area to collect email addresses and demographics of visitors plus an opportunity to sign up for specials.

Email Kiosks

• Email Kiosks ranging from $700 - $1200 per unit
• Unique identity for each kiosk - message, flash, look and feel
• Centralized control - change content on the fly

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