Pier 1 Solutions: Technology Solutions

Job Profile

Senior Software Engineer


The Software Engineer will be leading a team of developers to integrate high-end E-Commerce applications. PLLC, Inc. DBA Pier 1 Solutions is currently working with startups and established companies to implement database driven Internet applications.

The ideal candidate should be in IT industry for at least 5 years with exposure to 3 GL programming languages. Experience in JavaScript, PHP4, ASP, PL/SQL, XML languages is a must. Need to be able to integrate ASP with SQL SERVER on Windows Platform, PHP with MySQL/Oracle databases. E-commerce modules with merchant accounts need to be configured and implemented.

Duties: The candidate will be working as the leading member of development team and will be analyzing the requirements for each project, identify tasks needs to be done and distribute it among the other software engineers. He will be also working as a liaison between the project manager and development team. He will be programming the core modules of the project.

The candidate will be working full time (40 hrs / week) as Software Engineer. 20% of the time will be spent on analysis, 60% in development, 10% in team management and 10% in integration aspects of the project.

The Sr. Software Engineer will be supervising Interns and other Software Engineers during development and report it to the project managers in terms of status, development details and quality.

Primary development environment is Windows 2000/XP. Microsoft Visual Studio and Oracle tools like Procedure builder in this environment are primarily used. Familiarity with this configuration of Oracle Tools on windows environment is a significant plus.

Requirements: Qualified applicants will possess a Bachelors degree in Science/Engineering or equivalent is required. Should be willing learning new technologies as needed by the company’s work requirements.

Technical Qualifications: College degree in Computer Science or a related area, at least four years of experience in designing and developing complex computer applications OR any equivalent combination of experience and training which provides the required knowledge, skills and abilities.

The college degree or equivalent experience is necessary for this position due to its critical nature in the development cycle of the organization. Analyzing requirements and identifying tasks will require training or exposure to Software Development Life Cycles and communication skills. Theoretical and/or technical skills in this area are crucial for the success of the position.

Pier 1 Solutions relies on this position to contribute to the success of the projects and hence assure the success of the company. It will thoroughly evaluate the education, experience and other applicable aspects of the candidate.