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Why do you need a Community Portal?

Are you looking to start a community website to bring together a group of people with common interests and backgrounds?
Is your current community website outdated or do you find it hard to manage?
Do you have a small budget to work with and lack the resources to maintain an up-to-date website?
Do you feel that you might not have enough experience or knowledge to run a website?

Pier 1 Solutions' answer to your needs is a practical, easy-to-use Community Portal that can accommodate all communities of various sizes and interests and diverse backgrounds.

We specialize in building communities from very diverse cultural, ethnic and religious backgrounds uniting groups of people spanning all geographical locations.

What can our Community Portal do for you?

Backed by Pier 1 Solutions' Content Management System, our Community Portal has the most popular, useful modules that are most common to general communities such as:

• Events Calendar
• Membership Management
• Volunteer Opportunities
• Committee Management

And much, much more...

With low-cost monthly lease and maintenance packages available, your community can have a completely functional website to help expand its membership.

Please Email us or call 480 505 3223 for more information!

See examples of how our Community Portals work for our current clients - Visit our Portfolio!

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